5 Things to Accept And 5 Things to Change


Dear Readers,

Life, as we know, teaches us a lot of things every day. Some land up to be good and some give us a bad memory. On a daily basis, we regret, we fall, we are insecure, we fail and all this in our mind results to the actions that we do.

So some changes in our thinking process can change and solve a lot of problems in our life and eventually make it more beautiful and worth living.

5 Things to Accept and 5 Things to Change

1- Accept that you can be wrong in taking decisions and Change your thinking of punishing yourself for the same- Life is about making mistakes and learning from them. If we don’t accept the fact that we have made a mistake then we are mentally stuck with the same situation lifetime. Sometimes it is good to let go.

2- Accept the fact is life is not perfect and change your actions to make it beautiful – We cannot have everything that we want. Sometimes we need to compromise in some situation. So don’t have a lot of expectation rather make realistic ones. The less you expect the more you will be satisfied with your current life.

3- Accept the way you look and change your life routine for a healthy living – If looks were everything in life then all the beautiful people would have been the happiest people in life. I will not say that looks don’t matter. For the matter of fact, it does in most cases. If people are with you only for the looks that you carry and will leave you because of looks then you don’t need that kind of people in life. It is better to be alone than to be around a bunch of losers who judge you for your looks. Accept yourself Love yourself and you will get what you want from life.

4- Accept the fact that negativity is around you and change the way you thing for all the negativity – Life will give you all the waste which it has and fear you with the after effects. Learn to get the best out of the waste. There is always a positive in the entire negative around you. See it!! Feel it and live with it. The day you learn to do change your life, things around you will change completely. It’s like half glass filled or half glass empty, the art is how you see it.

5- Accept the people around you the way they are and never change them – We meet new people everyday in our life. We like them because of the way they behave with us. We connect with them because of nature and liking that they have for people. If we try to change the nature of the person and make them the way we want to see them, I feel it’s wrong. This mostly happens in relationships between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. In the relationship both try to change each other and if things fall in place they live happy ever after but if not then the land up to stay apart. You loved him for his nature when your relationship started and now as you are not the same kind of person with the same kind of nature, then you want to change him or her the way you want to see them. Don’t kill the opposite person identity and give yours!! Everyone is unique except it and don’t to walk them your way.

Accept it and change it!! Things will be very simple and life will be easy.

Swati Chaurasia


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