Is he the right man!


Dear Readers,

We always have this question in mind that are we with the right person or is he the one for me. Whenever you really like a guy, you hope he’s Mr. Right. But, how do you know if he is?

Here are some tips for all girls who want to be with Mr. Right.

Know the things that Mr. Right DOESN’T does

1- Loves you for what you have, how you look, and how much money you have
2- Rushes into the relationship
3- Keeps his distance from you
4- Doesn’t want you to meet his family or hang around with his friends
5- Is violent towards you
6- Avoids interactions with your friends and family
7- Cheat on you or really anybody
8- Lies to you in every situation
9- Manipulates and controls you
10- Stays attached to their ex
11- Tries to change you
12- Flirts with another woman
13- Doesn’t respect you
14- Doesn’t hold your hand in public
15- Dominates on you
16- You have to ask for his permission for doing anything
17- Ask you for money every now and then without giving any explanation
18- Doesn’t inform you about anything related to his daily routine
19- Insult you in public
20- Make a joke out of you among his friends

Know if he is a good guy

1- He was good when you met him
2- He helps when there’s nothing in it for him
3- He feels genuinely honored to be with you
4- He inspires you
5- Any competition between you is friendly, not serious
6- He has goals and he tries hard to reach them
7- He’ll do something you want to do without complaining
8- He’s confident about himself
9- He makes you happy
10- He stays kind under pressure
11- He keeps quite when you are angry
12- He leaves the final decision on you to the things that you want to do in life
13- Never shows your negatives in public
14- Respect his and your parents
15- Has cried for you
16- He shares all your household work like cleaning, washing clothes, cooking etc.
17- Doesn’t differentiate between a girl and a guy

You can tell he’s right for you

1- You tell him things you’ve never told anyone and he tells you his
2- You’ve met the parents and he’s met yours
3- You can imagine a future together and so can he
4- You aren’t afraid to disagree with each other
5- You share interests and embrace the different ones
6- You love him more than anything and he feels the same
7- Quiet isn’t awkward
8- You feel like yourself around each other
9- You need each other the right amount
10- You aren’t jealous of his female friends and he isn’t jealous of your male friends
11- You can have a night with your friends and he doesn’t care
12- You don’t mind him having a night with his friends without you
13- You can laugh easily together
14- You both really want to work out your differences
15- You can depend on each other
16- You let him see your weaknesses and he lets you see his
17- You bring out the best in him and he brings out the best in you
18- You have fun together
19- You communicate through care and concern, not judgment and criticism
20- You respect him and he respects you

Know how to find the right guy if the last wasn’t Mr. Right

1- Know what you want, but be flexible. Nobody’s perfect
2- Know the guy before you date him
3- Start off friends, but not too long. Otherwise, dating could ruin your friendship
4- See his nature and whether you want that kind of person in life

All the best!!
Love is tough if both don’t give their 100% to live together.

Swati Chaurasia


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