Is Today’s wife a modern men’s doormat ?


Dear Readers,

Doormat women are a person who bends herself in front of men for everything. Her life is like that she as if she was not born to live; she was born to serve her men. Life can be some time so rude to someone and so amazing to others. She serves her men every day with no complaints at all and in return what she wishes for is someone to look at her.

Today’s women are educated and have her there way of thinking about life. Some women are strong and can express her feels and can take a stand for it but some women are the week. In spite of her own views in life, she follows and accepts her men’s views just to make him happy.

Happiness is important to everyone!!!! It’s a right to all men kind in spite of being a men or women. Why can’t women say anything like men does? Why does she have to wait for a proper time or proper mood of the men to express her feelings? Why has she to keep herself as her last priority in her life?

These questions raised a very good saying of the old time in my mind, “God helps them those who help themselves”. If this saying is actually true then I feel we don’t help ourselves. We accept men’s views of life to be our own just for his happiness.

Why can’t men do that for us? What’s the point of doing all this when all the people around you are happy and you are not? Your happiness is equally important as it is for the opposite person. Ladies!! Life is short and you really don’t know what will happen tomorrow, what is gone and what is going to come to your life is not in your control. What is in your control in your present, Live it wisely!!!!

Some tips to make your life better and worth living!!

1- You are the 1st priority of your life, don’t change that. Your happiness is the 1st thing which should be in your mind all the time.

2- Speak for yourself, u don’t need men to speak for you. All people have a way of thing about a problem and it’s no harm if it different from men. Say what you want to without fear of being judged by men.

3- Be radically honest with yourself—do you feel like you deserve to be treated with respect? Do you feel worthy of respect and do you feel good enough to fit in?

4- Really give yourself credit for your achievements—all those things you’ve done and gone through in your life.

5- Be positive about things and life

6- Start treating yourself equal with men. That means all the household work has to be divided among both of them equally. You are married together and so the house and all the responsibility both belong to both of you and not only women. You don’t have to put up with being treated as a maid.

It’s time that we take control so we can teach some good lessons to the upcoming women generations and they can live happy ever after!!

Warm regards,
Swati Chaurasia


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