Somethings don’t change with time !!


Dear Readers,

Friends are an important part of our being. You have all kinds of good and bad friends. You have a boy as a friend or a girl as the friend. Having a girl as a friend is very different than a boy as a friend.

A girl as a friend is like having perfect shoes for a perfect dress if one is not in place the other does not look great. You are more confident and alive with the right kind of girls around you. They help you evolve in life. You can be a drama queen and can talk your heart out. They become a very strong part of who you are or what will you be.

I have recently met a friend from my school after many years. I had last seen him in class 4th when I had changed my school. This guy as the friend is a very nice man by heart and really has a sole of a rare diamond. We met over a coffee and we were talking about how we met in school. The way we become friends or the way I save his life from our class teacher for not getting the homework book to the school or the time that we spend in recess and share our lunch boxes. Best memories of my life in school.

After meeting him I wonder, “Some things don’t change with time”. You may not have met the person for so many years but when you meet him or her again the chemistry still is the same as it was before in school. You are the same old school girl who talks like crazy and you have a friend who listens to you even if it is all rubbish and makes no sense.

Maybe it’s not the time; maybe it is the person that you spend the time with. Maybe it’s the understanding that you have, maybe it the care that is still there as a friend only for you. Maybe it’s a friend who does not want to hurt you at any point in life. Maybe it’s like two boats sailing together living different lives of theirs.

Life is bound to be a mixture of happy and sad days. There will be ups and downs. But for me, I know some friends will never change with time. You can trust them and they keep you going with time.

Swati Chaurasia


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