Why do men fall in love ?


Dear Readers,

Love is the only thing we want truly from life. Rest things are just materialistic. Meeting men, falling in love, getting married and living happily ever after is an every girl’s dream. To fulfill this dream we girls go through a lot of ups and downs. With all that we face during this journey, we only think of keeping our men happy. He should be without any worries in life. To do the same we forget ourselves. We are not the same person as we were when we were single. We start doing things according to our men, live the way he wants, cook the way he wants, schedule your day accordingly to his timings, be around him for anything that he needs, keep him sexually happy, entertain his friends and family, take care of his child and it is never ending list.

But I always wonder what do men do in this journey?? Gets married to us and give us his sperm for a baby Wow too surprising!!!

It is said opposite attract, today I truly believe in this theory. The women are the positive part of the relation and the men are the negative part, opposite and they attract.

Men Fall in love so that he can fulfill the entire negative thing missing in a relation. They help women feel that it is she who has to make the relation work. I had heard of the saying,” A successful relation requires falling in love many times, always with the same person” With men it is falling in love with their own terms and conditions.

Girls here are some things that men do and if it is part of your relation today, it’s time to move on in life

1- Fights with you with some office stress

2- Does not help you with anything that you do.

3- Does not spend time with you.

4- Blames you for the wrong happening in his life.

5- Just tells you to shut up and listen

6- Tells you to think twice and speak anything

7- You are not yourself around him.

8- Picks up a fight just to be away from you.

9- Does not talk to you in the day.

10- You are just a servant around him. You have no other role to play.

It strongly makes me feel, why men fall in love when they don’t want to be there for the girl. It is that difficult to say what guys really feel?? It’s important to fight for everything, can’t you ignore the fight n say that I am stressed because of work. Can’t men make women feel so comfortable that she can be herself around him? Can’t you guys make women feel special and important like she does? Is this very difficult?? Are we asking some moon and stars that you cannot get??

Men have no idea what we go through when there is a fight in a relation. Men tend to blame women for the fight and in the process; she blames herself for the same. In the process of blaming herself, she starts hurting herself.

I believe that fight also has levels and if the fight reached that level it has to stop. One of the levels of a fight is someone crying during the fight. If one of them start crying then the fight need to end. But for men crying are irritation and they just want to royally ignore it and move on. Women cry during the fight because she has been hurt so badly that there are no words to express them and so she cries.

Guys, we love you in spite of whatever you do to us with no regret and open heart. Life is short and that is the reason we want it to be a happy ending whenever we die. Speaking your heart out will not make you fewer men; perhaps make you a sole mate. It helps women think that, come what may you always love her and take care of her. Guys, you walk one step in a relation and us girls will cover the remaining distance. To cover this distance we just want to hear this,” Dear do whatever you like and I am with you always”. Trust me it’s not difficult it’s very easy.

Life cannot be without problems and if you have the perfect person to share the same, nothing better can you ask from life. Your life is complete.

Swati Chaurasia.


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