It’s all about Beliefs and Expectations


Dear Readers,

We sometimes believe in a lot of things in life, but it not important that all we believe in is true. We do believe in some things because we have been following the same thought all our life.

Since the time I was born everybody around me told me that my skin tone is black. My Skin tone is not good enough as compared to the other kids in my family. I also have a birthmark on my face and my family said that it is an unlucky mark and it will bring you a lot of bad luck in life. Your will never get married and be single the rest of your life.

For a long time, even I believed in the above thoughts and accepted the fact that my life will never change and I will be a burden to my family and they will never be happy around me. My Believe became stronger when I had been rejected by 3 guys for marriage. This rejection had hurt me to the core of my feels and killed all my hopes to live my life anymore.

The feeling of not meeting my family’s expectation has haunted me almost my whole life. I spent a lot of time searching for answers because I believed that somebody out there somewhere had to have the cure to fix me. Somebody had to know how to help me finally get the birthmark removed from my face and some guy proposes me for marriage.

But then somewhere along the way, I realized I didn’t want to do that anymore. I was tired of feeling broken, helpless, and sad. I started to question why I kept doing what I was doing.

It started to seem really silly to me because I wasn’t actually finding any of the answers I was seeking. In fact, I seemed to be just getting more confused than ever. I stopped searching for how to fix myself, and instead began searching for the answer to a different question:

Why do I feel so broken?

Shifting my question led me on a whole new adventure where I finally recognized I wasn’t broken at all; in fact, the problem wasn’t my face or what people in my family think about my skin tone rather it was my beliefs, my lack of confidence and my limited ways of thinking about life and people.

As soon as I believed in this thought suddenly my life started changing. My mind came with a new belief, “All people living in this universe are unique and have different capabilities. They think differently about life, its beliefs and expectations” If we start accepting this and respect people for who they are rather than judging them for being different, we may land up to our own happy place where we are satisfied with life.

Guys, it’s ok to feel ok, it’s fine to stand for your beliefs, it’s ok to accept people for who they are rather than change them according to your need and requirement and its ok to have a birthmark on your face or be fat or being physically or mentally special. Believe in yourself, accept yourself and Love yourself more than anything in this world.

We always think and say, “What will the world think of us if we do this?” It’s time that we change the saying to,” Why don’t I become an inspiration to the world by making them believe that my flaws are part of my life and its time that people should accept me for them. My flaw is not my weakness, it just makes me different from the rest of the world and I am proud of it”

Swati Chaurasia


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