Is Understanding a Myth ?


Dear Reader,

In life we tend to say, “I am the most understanding person you will ever know in life” but do we actually understand each other when such a situation come in our life? Or it is only our mental myth created by our thoughts and feelings.

We come across a lot of relations in life, some are blood relations and rest is made by us. There is a different level of understanding that we carry for each relation. Sometimes we understand in a situation and sometimes we tend to ignore it and land up to a fight with our loved once.

Have we ever realized what happens when we don’t understand someone?

We humans have a pattern of living a life. We want peace, love, and understanding in whatever we think or do but some of us also carry something know as self-ego and selfish behavior. This is where understanding played a major role. Self-centric behavior with ego and negative attitude are three most harmful ingredients which can end any relation in no time. Taking a step ahead, it can hurt our loved ones so badly and the only option they have to go from the relation.

When we are in a relation for a very long time, we unintentionally start taking people for granted, we stop talking like we use to when the relation started, we forget to keep the person our 1st priority in life and we forget to ask some most important questions that are a base of any relation like, “Are you happy with me ? ” or ” Do I love you the way you want me to?” or ” Am I important to you in your life ?” or “Do you love to spend time with me ?” or “Do you wait for me when I am not around ? ” or “You itself around me?” and many more.

All relations are based on understanding and if sometimes we have to understand the opposite person out of the box to make him or her happy, I feel it’s the best thing you can do for a relation. Understanding someone and accepting him or her the way they make you a better person in life. Keeping ego and negative attitude makes you the bad man in a relation and the opposite person your victim. Loving someone truly can solve all issues and stress in life. Be yourself in a relation and tell strongly and truly what you believe in no matter if you are left alone at the end. It is better than pretending something which is a total lie. If you keep the unconditional love in place in your relation, you don’t have to put any efforts to understand a person. When you share your life with someone your heart, your mind, and your soul should speak one language in a relation. It does not come with birth to a person; it’s an art or a skill that can be learned.

Life is with ups and downs and if we try to remove the myth of understanding from our minds and put it out in our life, give it a reality check, improve it, Skill ourselves for the same, no relation has to go through a bad break up or you will not hurt anyone one on your way of living your life.

Swati Chaurasia


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