Hope !! Bases of our existence


Dear Readers,

We are always surrounded by a lot of different possibility and options in life. Some according to us are good for us and some may be bad for our future. Accordingly,we make our decisions about life but what if, “Some of our decision don’t come up positively as we had imagined?” or “What if our decision had hurt someone on our way of living life?” or “What’s if what we hoped for never came true?” Scary isn’t it?

I always hope for being happy in life. Some things don’t exactly turn the way we want. Sometimes we get hurt and lose faith on something’s in life and during this journey intentionally or un-intentionally we lose hope. Some of us after losing hope tend to fall apart, lose confidence and think,” My life is over and no more good can happen and there is no hope for something good”.

Why do we stop thinking about a fact about life, “Nothing is constant “? Like my tag line of my blog says,” Tomorrow will change everything” to be honest it actually changes everything around us each day we live as the day passes. We do get rough says, bad people , untrusted friends, bad relations and many more bad things but only things that keep us going is hope.

Hope gives us a chance to be happy in our present. We don’t have any control on our past and future. Whatever we do in our present is in our control and we can change it the way we want to. Thinking about future in your present is killing your present royally. It makes you sad and you may tend to make more mistakes and make it even worst.

Controlling our future is killing our present so we should control our present and make our future better. We cannot judge our future, it will be how it has to be good or bad or maybe worse. We can hope our future to be the best among the possibility and in return be happy and satisfy with what we to today. Give it our best shot and play as if it is our last game.

I believe in the fact that,” What you do is what you get”. It is a circle of life and everything bounces back whether it is negative or positive. So if we do good to others, good will come back to you in some other form. So our mind needs to believe in this fact and then do or change things around us and eventually hope for the best to happen.

Hope!! Small word but has the biggest meaning to our life. Hope for positive things in life like try to change the way you think, is grateful for what you have in life, keep a good intention for the things that you do in life and learn to accept everyone for who they are rather than change them to your requirement. Living with these though can bring a lot of positivity around you and trust me makes your life worth living.

Always say it to yourself if things are not right that,” Tomorrow will change things around me” or ” All negative things are happening in my life with a positive reason as if something good is on my difficult journey” or ” This is not the end if it is not a happy ending” or “Life is making me learns something’s a very brutal way” or ” If I stop fighting my problems, I accept my defeat to the devil” or ” Thinking about my problems is like giving too much importance to bad thing rather think of the positive thing in the same problem and find out solution for the same” or ” I am strong enough to face all the things life wants to put on me to suppress me” or ” A person who survives his or her problems is a fight and those who cannot do it are called coward and the question is do I want to be one ?” and many more like that.

Hoping for good things in life and keeping genuine intentions for other gives you everything whatever you wish from life. It makes you a better human and makes you a happier person in life.

Swati Chaurasia


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