Two faces of Life and people


Dear Readers,

We live in a world where competition with each other is our agenda of the day. In this journey just to keep ourselves in a winning situation, we make the opposite person inferior to ourselves. It happens in all our relations around and the worst part is we don’t even know that we are doing wrong to others.

People have different views on any given topic. It can be right for you and may be wrong for opposite person like murder is right according to the murderers and can be wrong to others or making fun of anyone behind his or her back can be right for you and can be wrong for others or insulting someone just because he is poor may be right for you but wrong according to others and many more.

Have we stopped thinking about humans with humanity? Or Have we adapted ourselves to do things that hurt others just to prove ourselves right? Or Are we ready to be insane just to win? Or Are we not afraid anymore about a fact of life, “Everything bounces back”? Are we so selfish to let good things of being human and living with humanity just go just like that?
We should never forget, “If I have hurt someone today, someone will hurt me someday” It’s a circle of life and we go and analyze our lives it is happening to all of us on a daily basis. Putting people down for your own good, cheating on people, speaking behind of persons back, hating someone just because he has a better life than you, doing things to kill someone’s relations with other just because you wanted to be in her place, judging someone with the looks and appearance and passing comments, being good on your face and being bad behind his or her back and the list is a never ending one.

We believe all of us have two faces in life as a person but I hope it’s not the good side of a person and the bad side of a person where the bad side of the person hurts us and want to destroy us to the core of our being instead I think it should be a strong side of a person which makes us strong to believe in ourselves and is ready to help others in all situations and a weak side of us which have all your emotions and feelings which need to be protected from others so that they don’t hurt us.

If the fact that we all also will get hurt can help you change yourselves for others and be kind to others than I feel it’s worth a try.

Swati Chaurasia


3 thoughts on “Two faces of Life and people

  1. We believe that all this competition business makes the majority suffer in life. What definitely agree that we what do to others comes back to us. I suppose it is the ying and yang of life but thank goodness such a universal law exists because we have the possibility to learn from our mistakes. All the best from the magical Black Forest.


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