Fear of Fight – I am standing for right !!!


Dear Readers,

In life, we always have something to win and something to lose. What if we never plan to win? What if we agreed to whatever the world said? What if we never tried to fight our problems? What if we never plan to stand up for the things that we want from life?

80% of us remain quite even when we really want to say something in order to avoid an argument with someone we care about. Maybe the things we are more scared of are exactly what we should do. Our care for a person leads us to a level of forgetting our own feelings and emotions. We forget our problems and concentrate on making someone else happy.

R we happy not sharing our own problems? R we happy in remaining quite when we have to speak for ourselves? Does the opposite person even care what happens to the person who is quite in an argument? I am strongly surprised but the answer is, “No!! We are not happy” but we royally allow this to happen to us just because of the reason that we care for the person.

Love, care, understanding, faith and respect are the things which help a relation to have his sanity in this difficult journey of life. R we started taking advantage of it today just to make our lives better? I feel it is true.

Keeping quiet for our own rights is never wrong. It is wrong when we stop doing it. You are equally important as compared to all living beings in this world. If you don’t think for yourself who will? If you stop fighting for your own right then who will? A person should accept you with all your negative and positive. If you have to keep quiet and cannot say things what you feel so then no point of having a relation like that. It is better to be alone than to be with a person where you are not yourself or where we don’t have a freedom to fight for your own right or where you cannot say what you want and open your heart.

I believe rather than a fear of fight we should have fear of losing good people in life. Maybe then we will start understanding opposite person better.

Life will always show you what is right for you and what is wrong but do we have the courage to see and accept it?

Swati Chaurasia


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