It’s very simple – We complicate it


Dear Readers,

In our day to day fast going life, we sometimes forget the real joy of life which are; peace, nature, romance, love, friendship, relationships, people and many more. We stop looking for smaller happiness and wait for the bigger ones. Have we forgotten how to live life or we have started to complicate it with materialistic things?

We do have a lot of distractions and choices today than we had earlier in life. On top of this technology is just making it more obvious and difficult for us to make decisions. To complete this further, life in our own cities is moving and changes very fast and to match up with the speed, we just ignore the fact that life is so beautiful and attractive than all the distractions or so called ‘attractions’.

We always say, “It is better to let go bad things which have happened in our life and move on” but are we strong enough to do that? Things around us are very simple and we as humans have a habit of complicating it. When we don’t like anything we should say it out loud. We should not hide it and let it drive us mad. Making changes in the way we take things in life; can be a good for us to not complicate it. Do things that make us happy and a better person. Love truly and hate truly. Don’t hide it with your ego and attitude. It’s like what we feel is coming out with our words and actions both. To compliment this; our mind and body speak the same language. We don’t have to hide our true feelings from others and complicate it. We should believe that whatever the world says or be judgmental about us we will speak our heart out and be true to ourselves and others. If we are able to do that, life and things around us will become much more simple and satisfactory.

I believe keeping clarity and transparency in any relation helps us to be away from complicating our lives. Say what you feel, do what you feel, admire your true feelings and emotions, don’t get ego and attitude be a part of your relation and just make your life magical. If you don’t get what you want still its okay and things will change. At the end of every day tell yourself, “It’s okay if I fell today, I will rise again tomorrow. It’s okay if someone left me, I will walk alone with pride. It’s okay if things are not in my favor today, I will make sure I turn around the situation and achieve what I want. I will never fear and stop my life with the negative things around me. I will change my situation and move on and be happy”.

The most complicated skill is to be simple. What we are is a complicated person with simple needs. We need time to do things we like and we need few friends to share our life. We need someone not to take care of us but to care for us. We know it very well that if we have all these things then we will be always happy. Simple relations become complicated when we expect too much. We should expect nothing and surprise ourselves every day. Love someone when they deserve it because that is when they really need it. If you can’t explain love, care, concern simply then you don’t understand it well enough. Sometimes the questions are complicated and answers are simple, so listen to yourself and do what is right and best for you.

It is always how you look at life and do you want to do something about it and change it?

Swati Chaurasia


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