5 Rules of Endearment !!!


Dear Readers,

We all wish for a happy and caring relationship with a loving partner. Fights in a relationship just reduce the intensity of love and respect for each other and also increases communication gap between the partners. All of us don’t intend to fight in a relationship. The fight occurs due to the difference of thinking and approach towards a problem or a situation. We are not able to accept the fact that,” All human beings have different thinking and different mentally in this world. We should accept it and respect the same. If a person has a different way of thinking than yours that does not mean that they are thinking wrong or doing wrong but it only means that a problem can have different solutions and the only difference is how we look at the situation”. So there are some rules that we can follow in our relationship that can help us reduce fights and mold our relation to a very beautiful journey of love, care, and respect.

Rule Number 1 – “Both partners are equal in a relationship”: Both partners should always make each other feel equal in a relation by respecting each other’s decision and showing a helpful hand of support whenever they need it. It is always good to involve your partner in the decision-making process of your life. It makes them feel that they are important.

Rule Number 2 – “Freedom of speech”: Both partners have an equal right to speak for themselves in a relationship. It is not a job wherein only your boss has the right to speak or shout and you only have to listen and obey the same. During a fight, the situation is completely different. If both people will not speak in a fight then the fight will get over faster.

Rule Number 3 – “There is no place of ego and attitude in a relation”: Our most of the fight take place because of ego and attitude in a relationship. I believe, ego and attitude is good in a professional life but is very bad for personal life. Showing your ego and attitude in the right place and channel it to the right direction for your professional growth is a good thing to do. In personal life ego and attitude is like acid in a relationship, if a small drop fallen can burn the skin and leaves a mark for the rest of our lives.

Rule Number 4 – “What is mine is mine”: We all have a habit of getting jealous if our partner talks nicely to anyone of the opposite sex. This is also a very big reason of fight in a relationship. If your partner is truly yours, he or she will never go anywhere leaving you all alone. You just have to trust your partner and leave your partner free to do what he wishes. Your partners feeling is also very important, putting boundaries on your partner, not trusting your partner, making an issue of it every time your partner meets or talks to the opposite sex can unintentionally lead him to go away from you. It is like digging your own grave. Leave your partner free and trust him.

Rule Number 5 – “Your partner’s happiness is your responsibility”: If you know your partner is unhappy in the relationship then you’re responsible for it. You definitely have done something that has made your partner go away from you. No one on this earth wants to be in a bad relationship or a relation that is full of fight and negative feelings. Correcting it and making it right is your job and you are the only one to make your partner feel ok. Don’t let your ego come in the way of doing things right in your relation.

In life, we will meet a lot of people and there will be always only one person who you cannot live without. Some people come into your life and you just know that you will never be able to replace them if they left. Life is not measured by the number of breath you take, but the moments that takes your breath away and I am sure you don’t want to lose them.

Swati Chaurasia


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