Accept It – Change is good !!!


Dear Readers,

Life as his nature comes with different turns and twists. Some results are in our favor and some are most unique lessons that life teaches us. Normally this result makes us into a better person or breaks us to the core of our soul. Becoming a better person, more mature and confident about our own life, evolving positively in life is a most important part of being human. When we are broken, accepting our mistakes and the situation around is the only thing that helps us move forward in life. It is very difficult for some of us to accept the situation. It is very hard to say,” I am sorry it was my mistake”

Why it so hard to say that I am sorry? When did it become so difficult to be sorry for our own mistakes? Why have we started to blame others for our own mistakes? Is our ego and attitude making it difficult for us to admit that we made a mistake and we are sorry about it? The answer to this is, “YES”.

Life around us has created a very big gap because of our ego and attitude. It is stopping us to see the right things or doing the right things for us and others. We become blind in such a situation and do things that we are not supposed to do to our loved once. Our relations around us start to fall apart. I am sure we don’t want that to happen to us.

I read a very interesting story today morning on Facebook. There was a couple who always use to fight and insult each other in their relation. All this fight was noticed by their 15-year-old son. This situation was making his son hate his mom and dad. So one day he decided to end this fight situation between his parents. He wanted to teach them a lesson and so he called them to the garden area of their own house. The son said to his parents, “I cannot listen to any more fights between both of you as it is making me very unhappy. So if you want to see me happy you have to complete a task for me”. Both mom and dad were very surprised and sad about the whole situation and decided to complete the task. The son said,” Whenever you both feel like your conversation is reaching a fight, you must hammer a nail into the wooden fence of the garden area” On the 1st day of the lesson, both parents had driven 40 nails into the fence and they were very angry about it. Over the course of the next few weeks, both parents began to control their temper and started avoiding situations of fight and argument and so the number of nails hammered in the fence dramatically decreased. It wasn’t long before the parents realized that it is easier to hold temper and argument than to drive those nails in the fence. The day finally came when the couple stopped fighting even once. The son suggested that they should pull out one nail for each day that they could hold their temper. Several weeks passed and the parents told the son that all the nails had gone. With a smile the son said,” I am very happy that you have done this for me but look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be the same and we should try to make it as it was before, new with no marks”.

We fight and argue but we forget that the after effect of the same can change your partner completely. Our partner will never be able to look at us in the same way as they use to look at us before. Accepting our mistakes and correcting the situation in time is important so that we don’t have to live with the marks of pain as on the fence of the garden in the story. Once if there is a bad mark in the relation, nothing will be the same in both of our lives. It is easy to accept your mistakes!!! The question is do we want to change ourselves??

Swati Chaurasia


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