We only live once !!!


Dear Readers,

Our life has always been revolving around a very simple thought, “How will be our future? Or what should we do to make our future better?” Our parents, family, and friends always advise us about our better future and hope that we have the best future ever. What will happen tomorrow is always on our mind. Our future will be good or bad we don’t really know about it but we know one thing for sure that our present is definitely haunted by our coming future.

Why no one ever told us, “All the best for your present life”. We forget one very important fact, “Our future is based on our present life and the decisions that we take to make it better”. If our present is the main decision maker then why are we worried about our future more than our present?

Life and people around us are sometimes too funny to be understood. They tell us to think about something which is not even in our control. We are so involved making our future better that we are not realizing that we are actually killing our present on the way to our future. Time is just flying in front of us and we are never ever getting this time again. Have we forgotten how to live in our present? I feel we have!!!

Our future is still in our future and what we have today with us is our present. We will never get this life again and the time which has gone is also never coming back. We will live only once!! Start living and stop worrying!!! Life is beautiful and thankfully we have one. Live today as if there is no tomorrow!!! Give 100% to what you have today and future will fall in place for you without worries. Share all our emotions today; we never know if our future will give us a second chance. Today is what we should chase rather than tomorrow.

“We only live once”, it is the reason to do what is right but are too afraid to do. Once we make a decision to live in the present, the universe conspires to make our future better. The question is do we want to change??’

Swati Chaurasia


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