It’s not about looks !!!


Dear Readers,

Almost all my college life I was stuck with the fact,” Guys like beautiful and hot girls and girls like handsome and cool guys” So if you are not beautiful like I was, then there is only one way you can survive in any college life,” Being a sidekick of a person who is cooler and more popular than you”. It took me 10 years to understand,” Looks are materialistic things and it will change with time. What stays constant is what you are within that looks”.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”. On the girl’s point of view, I feel,” A real girl needs the true passion of love from guys as compared to the looks that he has because what’s within stay for life”.

There are a lot of people in my life who have come and gone but one thing has always remained common,” The people who trying knowing me stayed and rest moved on whether I look good or not”. What I am trying to say is,” People who stay in your life with the materialistic view don’t stay for a really long time”.

Finding someone worth waking up to is better than finding someone to sleep with. It is not the year that you spend with that person; it is the life within it that you cherish. Look beneath the surface matters more than the looks above on the face. It is not about the perfect look, it’s about efforts. And when we bring that effort every single day that is where transformation happens. That’s how love happens, a love that’s constant for life.

Looks are temporary and don’t mirror what’s inside. And sometimes even a great looking man can be vain and may be most good women are too. What matters at the end is,”Are you the one?”.

Swati Chaurasia


17 thoughts on “It’s not about looks !!!

  1. Di Downie

    Hello Swati,

    I was the ugly duckling in school, it wants until I was married, had my own kids that I learned that what came out someones mouth belonged to them, not me.

    Once I GOT that, I started to teach my kids exactly that.

    They still thank me for that tips as they are now in their thirties and have had to remember it many times.

    Loved your blog so much


    Great Topic


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  2. I grew up a tiny, short, boobless girl in high school, yet none of that fazed me, or so It appeared. I so wished I was a few inches taller, had the chest of Jordan was as tall as Naome etc etc…but i didnt let it show. I was the popular lil imp πŸ™‚ slowly dying wish body shame inside! So your story touched me.

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