My feelings are born to get hurt !!


Dear Readers,

In life, there are some people whose happiness depends on others. Sometimes friends, family or to whom they truly love. These are the kind of people who make sure that everyone around them felt important and loved. What goes in making people happy, they never thought about that at all. They are the unhappy people in the world because they are always taken for granted. They still pretend to be happy in that situation. They are the only people who know what it is to be unhappy and they don’t want anyone to feel the same way. In the process of doing that if they even have to lie about their feelings, they are more than happy to do that. Why do these kind of people are present around us? Why are they not like other people who are selfish, self-centered, and egoistic, with attitude and are ready to take anyone for granted?

In my life, till now I have always felt,” It is good to hurt yourself than to hurt anyone else because I always feel that it’s ok, it only your feelings”. I always feel my feelings are born to get hurt and if that’s the case let someone gain some profit out of it. It is the reason people hurt me and I take it as a compliment. I stopped caring whether I am getting hurt or not and it has always felt the right thing to do to protect others. I always knew the real meaning of pain so couldn’t make anyone feel the same. There is always a war going on inside my heart and I am the one who loses it always. I hide my feeling and go numb. No one ever got to know how I feel. After a point, no one even cares to know how I feel and I accepted it has my destiny. I have accepted the fact that I am born to get hurt and this will be the state till I die. I have been hurt so bad that I don’t feel anything anymore. I have so much love in my heart and trust me I have no one to give.

I always wish what it would be like to have someone who takes care of your feeling more than you. A person who’s only job is to make you smile and hold you when you are sad. He is able to understand you even if you are angry. His touch makes you feel that no matter what all will be ok. He makes you feel that even your mistakes are acceptable as your good deeds. I wish and will always wish that every person in this world gets this because I know nothing can be a better gift than this.

The problem with me is I care a lot and I am scared to be alone.

Swati Chaurasia


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