The right man at the wrong time !!


Dear Readers,

I have met someone in my life that is far beyond my imagination. It is like imagining the man of your dreams and finding him next to you in real. He is all I ever wanted and he fits my other half perfectly. Whenever I am around him, the time just stops. The moment I look into his eyes, my pain, my stress just goes out of the window. The moment he holds my hand I just melt as if all the negative energy in my life just says goodbye to me. I have never felt anything in my life that pure. Life is beautiful when he smiles at me and most important I am the reason for him to smile.

He always looks at me and says, “Why do you look at me continuously all day long?” I look at him because there is nothing I want to look at when he is around. My eyes cannot get enough of him when he is around. In fact, nothing is enough when he is around, he holding my hand, he kissing me, he saying I love you. As if I don’t want it to ever end. When he comes to meet me, I bloom like a flower and when he leaves me and goes, I am like a burned tree with no sign of hope to live.

We have met at the time of our lives where no one wants us to be together. On the other hand, every part of our heart says that says,” What we have today we will never get the same love for ourselves ever again”. I know our situation says we should not meet but our heart wants to do the same mistake again and again. I want to melt in your arms every single minute of my life left. I want to hold you and forget what the world wants to say about us. Just you and I and no one else matters.

In life, we all look out for that one love that we all had been waiting for our whole lives. It is very hard to get the people who love you the same way you always wanted. I would a fool to let that person go and so do you. I agree with the fact that nothing this real will ever come in our lives without paying a cost for the same and I feel it is worth the cost. We only live once. I may sound selfish to you but your love for me is worth being selfish. We may never get this time again or this love again and if we let it go we will regret it all our lives. I have decided that I will love you the same way all my life with a bit of regret, what it would have been like if we would have been real. The decision is yours now, “Do you want our love to go just like that? Or Do you want to stay and make things work?

Swati Chaurasia


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