I am a badass with a good heart !!!


Dear Readers,

In 30 years of my life I have learned one lesson,” Nothing in life comes to us on its own, either you have to make it work or you would have to snatch it from someone and make it your own. There are very few people in this world who are born with a happy go lucky life. I am sure I am not the one to say the same thing. Nothing in my life had ever been that easy to get. I don’t feel bad about it because life has always given me choice,” To make a change and let everyone decides for me or to be the change and make my own decisions”. Everyone around me wanted me to feel bad about myself and live with it and I choose to be happy. I choose to be a happy soul in this bad world.

To this journey of being a happy soul, I sometimes had to be a badass and fight for what I wanted. People told me to go left and I always wanted to go right and do the exact opposite. I had never been that person who makes decisions based on other experience. I am the one who wanted my own experience and wanted to taste the pain or happiness all by myself. I wanted it to be a part of my experience before I comment on anyone or anything. I have never made friends listening to my other friend’s experience; I have made all my friends as per my experience with them. It may have been good or bad but I made sure that I learned some lesson from every person. I feel life is about knowing different kinds of people.

Life and people always told me to sit back and relax and I was always in the fight mode making things right around me. I had always lived for other and had been unhappy, today I live for myself and I am happy. If you are unhappy in your life then I feel youโ€™re responsible for it and only you have a choice to change it. If you cannot make that choice then please donโ€™t crib about it because the control is still in your hands.

I always had one rule in life,” Choose the things in life that can make you happy and doesn’t hurt any human on its way”. All my decisions are based on that and I am happy I had that rule because it had always stood me for being a good person. It is like I am ready to take all damage in my life but I cannot tolerate even one starch in any bodies life because of me. My happiness should not kill anyone’s happiness.

I am a badass with a good heart and I have never ever hurt anyone on my way of living my life as per my rules. Today I am a person with a very happy soul and face any challenge with a smile on my face. I am living my life….. Are you?

Swati Chaurasia


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