I need a good man not a stupid marriage !!!


Dear Readers,

A girl always dreams of a perfect marriage with a perfect man and live happily ever after. I too always wish for a family and a man who loves me more than anyone in this world. In an Indian society, 30 and not marriage is a crime made by a girl and she is royally punished for that by all her relatives. She is like one alien in the family who is always cornered and pushed to get married. A girl’s life is never easy but it does not end here, she has to satisfy all the family members all her life and live up to everyone’s expectation. We are girls, not a machine who is just born to cook food and listen to others instruction. We do have our own brains to use and we know what is right and wrong for us.

I believe no one in this world wants to live alone. Everyone is looking for the one who is just like a warm breeze who fills your life with love and support. Who melts your heart with his every move? I am sure even man does have the same kind of expectation from a partner. If we both expect the same thing then why do some men just fucked up with their ego and attitude? Do we even have to marry ego and attitude alone with the groom? Do we have to marry egoist and judgmental attitude of the family? Why do we really marry ……. we marry to have a partner in life who can take care of us with us. Someone who just so understanding that even a slight look of sadness on our face will tell him the whole story of what went wrong. A person who will just hold your hand and will ask for nothing in return from you. Trust me this kind of people are still around us but we miss them by wasting our time on a man who does not even care why we cry.

I am 30, single and Indian and I face this every single day. I am successful and working in a good company. People who know me or talk to me cannot even make out that I have come all this way all by myself. I have never considered any work small and respect everyone who burns blood to earn bread for his family. I am a strong woman and I know too much to go back and pretend. I feel I can do much more than just a wife in life. All society can see is a 30-year-old single woman who should get married as she should not live a life without a man. I don’t want the stupid marriage; I need a good man who loves me for who I am without changing me. He respects me and my work.

I am ready to be married but I am not ready for a man who feels that being a man is putting a woman down below her feet. Marriage is a partnership where both partners are equal and if that is not the case in any marriage than it is a relationship between a servant and his boss. Your job is to listen and obey orders. I am capable even of giving orders when it comes to my respect.

I am a woman who has always been the change and I just have one question,” Is this society ready to accept me I am and treat me like a man?”

Swati Chaurasia.


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