In every path, there is a puddle !!!


Dear Readers,

Every path of our lives is accompanied by time and society. Time is the most strange thing that I have known in my entire life. It is not with you when you want it and it is all over you when you want to be alone. Time still plays an important role in all our lives. Time has a tie-up with our lives to provide the construction service for our dreams. In this case, you can hate your service provider but you cannot switch to another. You cannot question time of what is right or wrong in your own life. On top of that society has different stands on what is right or wrong. Time and society are like blood relatives, you can ignore them but you cannot get rid of them ever.

What is right? Does our society really know what’s good for us? Are people around us are trying to understand us or they are just trying to make us think like them? Do people really care for us or they just want us to fit the traditional pattern of society? Being judgemental is now know a new word for caring?

Sometimes the right path is not always the easiest one. Every path has some puddle, don’t let it stop you. There will be society, time or people around you acting as a puddle just to delay your journey. You may fall in the puddle or you may feel that you are in a middle of a soup but time will change it all forever. Will you let them upset you or go puddle jumping? Don’t lead or follow anyone’s path, make your own path and enjoy the ride. A handful of patience will make you cross the puddle. Have faith in time, it will turn around everything for you in just a second. Time is a bitch but everyone has his day.

The world is a mud luscious and puddle is wonderful. There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path, sometimes it’s ok if you don’t know the path but please don’t stop walking. Walk till you find what you wish !!!

Swati Chaurasia


2 thoughts on “In every path, there is a puddle !!!

  1. Loved reading ur blog. Amazing article once again. And yes..pls dont let time or people decide your fate. Keep on the path you’re on and eventually you will find a place that you dreamed of.


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