Life is all about convincing yourself that it is okay !!!!


Dear Readers,

We all make mistakes and we make a lot of them. I believe that is the reason that we are humans or otherwise we would be computers with a perfect solution to all our problems. Life makes you fall, gets you hurt, gives you scar for life and helps you stand on your feet and walk again. This is the pattern of life, you have a sunny day, and then you may see a windy evening, a thunder storming night and again a beautiful sunny morning. What we do with life is, we don’t believe in it’s pattern. We believe once we have lost something, we have lost everything. Once something goes wrong, it means the end of the world. It’s not!!!!! It can never be!!!

It is the end of the world if you die. If you’re reading this, I guess you’re not. Death is the real end of the world but if you’re breathing that means you survived the thunder part of the life pattern and that means you are now a part of it. Life wants to keep the best for the last and somehow with all our problems we are unable to see that, the real big picture.

It’s ok to make mistakes but it is not ok to punish yourself for life. My grandmother always told me,” If you want to achieve something which no one has or you don’t want to be a part of the crowd and you have the courage to stand and face consequences of the situation then you need to do things differently from others. You would have to think differently and still stand strong if things fall apart”.

You should still have the courage to smile and say,” It’s ok if I made a mistake, It’s ok if I made some very bad mistakes and I understand that I was wrong but no one is 100% right. I may be a mess but I can still be loved. The best part about my mistake is that I accept them too with all my good things. I face them every single day with a smile and honesty. I treat them as a part of my learning and it makes my story different than others.

I have convinced myself that it is ok to be how you are because everyone has their own reasons for that. No one wants to do bad things but we do it anyway because we don’t have any other choice or maybe that was the need of the hour. It was the only solution to survive.

I don’t know if doing all of these things has made me a bad person or a good person. All I know is, I am still trying to make my life exactly the way I had always dreamt.

Swati Chaurasia


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