Trust is everything in a relationship !!!


Dear Readers,

There are certain things that we want in our relationships without which the relation has no meaning even if it exists. The most important are trust and honesty part of two people that are together in love. That got me thinking, how honest or open are we with our partners? Do we have to think twice before we open our heart and speak the truth? Are we scared of judgment from our partners?

It is good to have an honest relationship. The truth is the foundation on which every relationship is building. Honesty and openness always lead to a successful relationship. However, any relation is bound to fall apart when you start keeping things to yourself. Secrets don’t destroy things but the suspicions of a secret destroy everything, especially when your suspicions are confirmed. Being honest will never hurt anyone, being a liar hurts only you that is what I feel.

Why do we want to hide the truth from the person who we love so much? Do we want a relation without transparency? I believe, life is too short for all this and we need to understand that hiding and dishonesty are not going to take us anywhere. It is good if our relationship has no boundaries to understand each other. A relation that gives us a platform to express ourselves with the worst way possible and still you can expect,” Darling I know you are mad but it’s ok, I am around you forever to love you and support you”. A person that wants to hold your hands when you are shouting at the top of your voice. A life partner who has the courage to calm you down by giving you your space if needed or hugs you when youโ€™re angry but still his ego does not get hurt or he feels inferior. A soul mate that trusts you with all his heart and is ready to love you no matter what kind of dayโ€™s time and future show them in life. An imperfect relationship to an imperfect man and the only way of perfection is with you by his side.

We want sincerity, honesty, truthfulness and transparency in our relationships with the person we love so dearly. We will love them if they give us time and attention. We will love them a lot if they love us and accept us with all our flaws and imperfection. We will love them more and more if they are honest and sincere with us. We will love them more than anything in this world if they are genuine and does not fake anything around us. We will love more than our lives and follow our love till the end of the world if they love us to the core of all their heart and soul.

Advice: In a relationship, don’t try to be perfect. Just be honest.

Swati Chaurasia


2 thoughts on “Trust is everything in a relationship !!!

  1. Very well written article yet again… i totally agree with the fact that honesty, sincerity and truthfulness is the key to a successful relationship. But how honest can someone be? Complete honesty is a lost art. Even ur own article says that…at times we do lie to save our relation. No one is perfect but its the dedication or the willingness of the person to make it work and be happy. Anyways…a great read and keep up the good work.


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