I want things that money can’t buy !!!


Dear Readers,

Life of a working class, earn money and satisfy needs and then earn more money and satisfy more needs. With this life we forget one little thing, we have only one life and we have to live it too and the time gone is never going to come back again. Time gone got me thinking, “What if I get the power to roll back in time, I would love to get the time back which I wasted living up to other expectation and would have spent the same time loving myself a little more”. What I mean to say that we forget the real sense of life in our journey.

The most important thing that money can’t buy is love. All my life, I had thought that spending money can even buy love. Yes, it can buy you love but not for a really long time. Love is something which has to be unconditional or it will not be less than a business. 1st time in my life found people worth loving. I have never felt in such peace all my life. You are the luckiest person on earth when you are loved back from the same person you love. I am lucky to have love from my best friends that I love the most. I am lucky to have my parents without whom I cannot even imagine my life. And a love that I had always dreamed of, still not real but maybe someday my fairy tale will come true and I will have a smile on my face which was never seen before all my life.

The money that we earn or the position that we own in our professional life is useless without one person who will smile with us in our success. On the other hand, even if we are not successful we still have that one person by our side to drive us on our journey to success. People say money can buy all, I say love is priceless. No professional position or money can hold it back.

I am 30, single and independent. I am at that position in my life which has made me realized that how someone feels for you has nothing to do with the money that you earn. It has everything to do with how you make the opposite person feel for himself. Love only understands one currency, Love!!! Give love, get love in return and for your info, the interest rates are really good for a fixed deposit for a life time. Good luck!!!

Swati Chaurasia


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