I am proud of my heart – It still works !!!!


Dear Readers,

Life has a habit of teaching us lessons. Sometimes it makes us and sometimes it breaks us to pieces that are hard to make a whole again. The damage caused in the process does have an effect on our future. We stop believing in ourselves, we stop trusting others and we try to close our feelings so much that no one can hurt us anymore. We sometimes don’t let people be close to us because we are too scared to get hurt again and lose others. Even if the opposite person may never hurt us but still our past makes everything judgemental. We are scared because of our past, but how long are we planning to live like this?

People don’t understand one thing,”No wound gets better on its own, it needs medication and care to get better”. If there was bitterness planted with the soil of our feelings, how can we expect love to be the fruit out of it?. The soil needs to be treated with love to get love. No damaged thing has the power to repair itself all by himself, it needs help!

An emotionally damaged person also needs help to get himself to be back to normal. The treatment is exactly how we treat an accident patient. You find the damage, you find out how deep the damage is, you find out what parts of your emotions are hurt, you see if it requires any surgery of drilling the past stories and giving it the right kind of understanding treatment to recover. Then applying medicine to it and take care of the patient so much that the wound does not matter anymore. Sometimes when you try to apply for medicine, it will hurt the patient and may lead her to the day of the accident

I believe,”If we want our past to stop haunting us, we need to have happier memories to cover that”. The more the happier memories, the less we will think about our unhappy past. I know our heart hurts right now, we have no idea what it needs but the people that are close to us know that so please help. You never truly know how damaged the person is unless you try to love them.

Damaged people love you like you are a crime scene before the crime has even been committed. They keep their running shoes beside their soul every night, one eye open in case things change whilst they sleep. Their backs are always tense as though waiting to fight a sudden storm that might engulf them. Because damage people have already seen hell and they understand that every evil demon that exists on there was once a kind angel before it fell.

Guess what, love and support no matter what is the only cure to them and to me. I am proud of my heart that it is still ready to love and smile.

Swati Chaurasia.


3 thoughts on “I am proud of my heart – It still works !!!!

  1. Really well written article.
    I totally get that damaged people are hard to love. And they even sip their water like its some hot beverage..but being too careful also leads to sadness and u happiness. Try not to push the people away who care for you. Patients can be healed only if they allow themselves to be healed. Give life and people a chance. Not everything out there wants to hurt you. Tc & good luck

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    • Swattiluvblog

      I agree !! one day you would have to get it over with and I feel that day is very near. We someday have to leave our past and step into the future. Thanks for reading my blog 🙂


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