Let your faith be bigger than your fears !!!


Dear Readers,

Life always gives you a chance to live a better life. It also gives you a chance to make it better. The problem arises when we start losing faith and when our dreams don’t come true within our desired time frame. We usually tend to forget one thing, ‘All our dreams will come true at the time decided for it to happen. It may not happen when u really want it to happen and maybe, one day it happens all of a sudden and gives you a big surprise !!” Let life surprise you !!!’

We sometimes, lose faith in our beliefs because we get tired of trying. We get the fear of failure and fear of losing what we already have. I feel, ‘If we believe in our dreams and have full faith in ourselves, all our dreams will come true’. Everything in life has a price to pay and even our dream has a price faith to pay. Pay the price and there will be no stopping us.

People survive in life because the fire inside them burns brighter than the fire around them. Fear and faith have one thing in common, they both ask us to believe in something we cannot see. Why does something that we cannot see, bother us? I think we should do what needs to be done and rest will happen on its own. We just need to have faith in our beliefs and courage to wait and face the situation till the time all is what we wanted. Trust me, no metal can be made into a beautiful jewelry without burning it in fire and life is no different, accept it and adapt or forget it and crib about it for the rest of our life.

Let our dreams be stronger than our fears, our actions louder than our words and our faith stronger than our feeling of fear. Fear has two meanings, forget everything and run and face everything and rise. The choice is yours.

Swati Chaurasia.


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