Born to be alone !!!


Dear Readers,

Love leads us to whole new different level in life. It either makes us a better person or breaks us to pieces so small that cannot be stuck together ever. I am the second kind. Broken childhood, a bad father and a lot of broken relationships. Still, I had always hoped that someday someone so good will come in my life and all of my past will just fade away as if it was never a part of my past.

Today somehow I feel all my broken relationships are my fault. Maybe I am not a person born to be in any relation. A person like me should be alone. People blame other for their bad relations, I blame myself. I always wanted to be that girl who has one person who loves her like crazy. All of my life till date I have done everything to get that and somehow I am still alone.

The common thing in all my relationships till date is me. I have to stand up and face the mirror, It is because of me. My track records say that I am born to be alone but I feel I should be alone. I have hurt so many people in life that I don’t deserve a happy ending. I should be punished to be alone and face my fears all by myself. It hurts knowing that I tried doing my best but it still wasn’t good enough. I had always thought that we are born to be real but I guess we have to be perfect to fall in love.

Life always gives you a chance to change and I guess this is mine. Time to change for others and live however you want and let others live happily.

Swati Chaurasia


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