Not all wounds are visible Mr. Judgemental


Dear Readers,

We live in a society where we love tagging and labeling people. We tag them on the base of color, religion, money, eating habits and many more, I am sure it is a never-ending list. Sometimes without us even realizing, these judgments become a part of our beliefs about that person. When did we become so shallow in our thinking about other people?. When did we stop having an open mind about our thinking about others? When did we start to decide whom we want to talk to or be around without knowing the opposite person 1st handed? Why are we making our life complicated by judging everything and believing it as if it is a fact of life?

It is good to have an opinion about people that we have known in life. We maybe had bad experiences and that is how we would have landed up to a conclusion of the person. It is a good thing, it helps us to protect our feelings and these kinds of feeling should be respected. When did we start doing the same without knowing the opposite person and started calling that our opinion? It’s not our opinion, it’s our judgment and so we are Mr.Judgemental.

With our judgemental nature, we do hurt a lot of people and not all wounds are visible. We forget the fact that we can never understand the opposite person unless and until we have not been in their shoes. Then what is the point of judging them, to hurt them more or to show yourself that you have a better life? Everyone needs mental support and judgment just makes it more and more difficult. If you cannot help someone with their problems, you have no right to comment too. It is ok not to agree with others point of view or decisions but at least we can respect their decision with open arms. If we cannot even do that then, A humble request, just leave them alone !!!

To all the people that have been judged,”Never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people that are committed to misunderstanding you”. We are aware that we are less than some people, but some people are unaware that we are so much more than what they see. We already have a difficult life and your judgment just makes it even worst. Some people are lucky that they have a life with everything they ever wanted but for some people, they have to build everything right from scratch without support. Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge.

Know my story first and then you have all the right to judge me. Don’t judge me just because I think differently than you.

Swati Chaurasia


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