I Deserve Better !!!


Dear Readers,

Have you been that person in life who has always cared about others feelings first? Have you not judged and respected everyone’s feelings? Have you always had an approach to understanding everyone out of the box? Have you always forgiven everyone who hurt you even if they have hurt you like a million times? Have you been hard on yourself just to make the opposite person happy and never expressed it at all? Have you kept your feelings to yourself just to avoid fights? Has your life been only about giving everything that you had? I guess no one ever understood why you do this, right?

In the process of making the world a better place some people just tend to forget themselves. It is so hard for them to step up and say,” What you said, hurt me, it’s not my fault and I don’t deserve this”. It is because they have been through a lot in life and a small amount of happiness means a lot even if it comes with a lot of compromises. They don’t want to miss out on any happiness even if it costs them their whole life. They are ok to let go of their anger, ego, attitude, self-esteem, and self-respect in order to be truly happy just for a few moments.

We don’t understand that everyone deserves better. Just that people that deserve don’t give up on people that they love. This quality should not be taken for granted. The problem is not with the person that took you for granted, the problem is yourself. You made excuses for their bad behavior, you accepted their obvious lies and you gave them another chance, again and again. You sold yourself for less, you did not believe you deserved better and you stayed too long. You learned the hard way, but you learned. You heart finally told you to stop wasting time. You deserve that love that you keep trying to give to everyone else. Never settle for shitty coffee, shitty friends or shitty men.

I told myself today that I deserve better. Maybe one day I will believe it.

Swati chaurasia.


2 thoughts on “I Deserve Better !!!

  1. Well everyone deserves better. We’re all humans after all and we all make mistakes. But if u feel that you can sacrifice ur entire life for a few moments of happiness…then its the wrong thing to do. Having hope that one day things will be better is fine…but if youre already hopeless and still living for those few moments of happiness…then my friend, ur living a lie.

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