We Will Survive !!!


Dear Readers,

Are we sad, hurt, angry, mad, disappointed and we put on a happy face and move on? We have been put down many times and still we rise again much stronger than before? Have we already been through hell and gave our best shot? We never give up on anything, we are survivors !!

Some people have seen so much in life that they have learned how to get out of any bad situation. They know tomorrow will bring them what they deserve even if it is little too late. They have done nothing wrong to anyone and nothing wrong will happen to them. There is nothing good in their lives but still, if you see them you feel that you want to have a smile like them. They are strong and fearless. They will never accept anything wrong in their lives even if there is a price to pay. They always know when to stay and when to move on. It is ok to be alone rather than to be in a place where you are not yourself. They don’t fight and waste their energy on stupid things, they just say what they have to say and stop caring about what the world has to say in return. It hurts them to know that they tried doing their best to keep the relation and still it wasn’t good enough.

No matter how hard life gets, we will still smile. It might knock us down but it cannot keep us down forever. Once the storm is over, we won’t remember how we made it through, how we manage to survive. But one thing certain, when we come out of the storm, we won’t be the same person anymore. We are given this life because we are strong enough to live it. They always shine.

Just a message to all the people that are finding their way to survive,”Life is too short to be in a bad surrounding and think that it is your destiny, Life is about kicking some badasses and making your life the way you dreamed. Stop complaining and start taking control of your own life. Do the right thing and wait for the right thing to happen. Nothing good is easy to get and nothing good comes in a hurry so just sit back and smile”.

Swati Chaurasia


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