Dear Readers,

We always think that all things around us are in our control. The minute we stop thinking about it, the control is gone to someone else.

I was thinking today morning that my life is so boring, from home to work and back home, less work and more thinking about things around and new people around me in my new office. I don’t know what they think of me but to be honest I really don’t care.

Whatever people want to think about me they are most welcome to do the same. But just that you know it does not affect me. Life has tough me one lesson, a person should be so strong that he should only take the best of the waste present in the world around us.

Judge me, speak about me at my back, and try to let me down and many more things that people can do to me but I will still surprise you. I know who I am and don’t want to change for anyone. As I say to my friends, ” This is me, be with me or you can go if you wish to but I will not change”.

Life is beautiful; the only thing is how you see it.


Swati Chaurasia


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